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Why is the disposable paper cup market promising?


The hazards of paper cups

The quality of disposable paper cups on the market is uneven and the hidden dangers are greater. Some paper cup manufacturers add fluorescent brighteners to make the cups look whiter. This fluorescent substance can mutate cells and become a potential carcinogen once they enter the body. In order to achieve the water-proof effect of paper cups, a polyethylene water-proof film will be coated on the inner wall during production. Polyethylene is the safest chemical substance in food processing, but if the selected material is not good, or the processing technology is not enough, in Polyethylene may be oxidized to carbonyl compounds during hot melt or application to paper cups, and carbonyl compounds are not volatile at room temperature, but when paper cups are poured into hot water, they may volatilize, so people will smell strange. Although there is no research to confirm what harm the carbonyl compound released in the paper cup will bring to the human body, from a general theoretical analysis, long-term ingestion of this organic compound must be harmful to the human body. What is more worrying is that some inferior paper cups use recycled polyethylene, which will produce cracking changes during the reprocessing process and produce many harmful compounds, which are more likely to migrate into water during use.

Disposable paper cup market prospects

The quality of disposable paper cups is uneven and the hidden dangers are greater, so we have to choose high-quality paper cup machine manufacturers. The demand for disposable paper cups is large and the market prospect is good.

1. Low-cost disposable paper cups and high profits: because the size of paper cups is different, the thickness of the paper is different, and the quality is also different; therefore, the cost of each paper cup of Nichichang disposable paper cups is 2-4 points, and the market sells The price is 6-18 minutes; the machine can produce 3000-4000 per hour, and the profit is quite considerable.

2. The amount of disposable paper cups is large and the market is large: New debao disposable paper cups machine cater to the modern people's pursuit of high-quality life requirements, which is not only hygienic but also epidemic-proof... Because it is a one-time use, the amount of consumption is amazing! 

 3. The quality of disposable paper cups is high and the price is low: Because they are produced by themselves, the quality of the “factory supermarket” of disposable paper cups is guaranteed; the production of their own factory paper of “factory supermarkets” of daily paper cups is sold by themselves, saving freight costs. In return, the middleman's interest margin earns another.

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