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Why can't close in disposable paper cup place printing design

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-08
Why paper cups at the top position in the market are not printed pattern, with this doubt we consulted related industry professionals, illustrates the reason, is because the paper pattern is to use ink printing, especially in place at the top, if the printed pattern when people drink water at the top would be directly in contact with the ink will drink into the belly, along with water and brought the hidden danger to the health of human body. Additionally according to the latest state quality inspection administration and gb management institutions in last year's June 1 also stated, the latest file with related to the position of the disposable paper cup printing strict requirements, is within the distance of 15 mm at the top, within 10 mm distance cup and cup bottom can't print 'rules. Since the implementation of the rules, of course, there are a small manufacturer not strictly enforced, this is very irresponsible to consumers. Here we call for broad paper making factory can able to check on strictly, strictly in accordance with the implementation of new national standard requirements for production of common manufacturing ring He Jiankang paper products.
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