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Which paper cup machines pay more attention to environmental protection and health?


The paper cups produced by the paper cup machine completely retain the advantages of paper products, such as moisture resistance, freshness, temperature sensing, visibility, sterilization, and corrosion protection. The paper cups have perfect performance. Compared with disposable plastic cups, the paper materials used in paper cups perform better in terms of processing performance, printing performance, and sanitary performance. 

In addition, due to the wide range of paper materials, it is easy to form mass production, and has certain mechanical properties, can be used for compound processing, and the varieties are also diverse. These relatively non-reproducible characteristics of disposable plastic cups make paper cups very low cost, relatively lighter in weight, easy to transport and easy to recycle, and are welcomed by more and more manufacturers. Therefore, while paper cups are favored by consumers, they are regarded by merchants as the golden thing of a new round of wealth business opportunities. Many paper cup machine manufacturers have abandoned the original plastic cup equipment and replaced them with paper cup machines that specialize in the production of paper cups.

The professional performance of the paper cup machine makes its cup production capacity quite strong, but it cannot satisfy this huge cup consumer market. According to statistics: in 2006, the consumption of paper cups in my country was about 10 billion, and it is expected to increase sharply by 50% every year in the next few years. Because paper cups are a necessary disposable consumable in people's daily life, it is necessary for every family and must be used throughout the year. The demand is constant and the market will never dry up. According to relevant data, my country consumes more than 50 billion disposable cups every year, and it is increasing with the level of national consumption. It is not difficult to see that, at present, the market share of paper cups is only less than 20%. The development potential is evident.

The new generation of fully automatic paper cup forming machine is different from the traditional paper cup machine in that it not only has all the performances of the traditional paper cup machine, but also has more traditional performance. The ordinary paper cups produced are of better quality, lower cost and higher output. Big. With the continuous expansion of the paper cup market, in order to meet market demand, the sincere paper cup machine can also produce high-end advertising cups, which are not available in traditional paper cup machines. Any type of paper cup can be easily produced by changing the mold. This kind of non-copyable technology is closely watched by investors. At the same time, the high-speed paper cup machine developed by us has the fastest speed and the most stable performance in China!

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