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What Paper cup machine need to pay attention to


Requirements for material selection of paper cup mechanery

New debao paper cup machine is a disposable cup making machine specially used to produce paper cup products. It can produce single-sided and double-sided PE coated paper cups to control the size and weight of paper cups.


We know that paper cups are used to hold liquids, and the liquids are usually edible. Therefore, from here we can understand that the paper cups produced by the paper cup machine must comply with food safety regulations.

Then the paper cup machine also needs to consider that the materials used can meet the edible requirements when selecting raw materials for making cups.

First of all, the paper cup mechanery material belongs to the edible grade, therefore, its paper material should be the paper material to choose the base paper rather than the secondary processing;


Secondly, we must choose paper materials that do not contain or contain fluorescent materials that meet the corresponding industry standards. We should not choose paper materials that contain excessive amounts of fluorescent materials because of low prices. This over-standard substance is extremely harmful to the human body.


Finally, the paper cups produced by the high speed paper cup machine are filled with liquid. Therefore, the paper material must have certain water resistance and pressure resistance, so that the paper cup machine is not easy to break and leak when the cup is formed.


Usually, the paper cup will be processed by PE coating of the paper cup machine during the production process. This treatment adds an inner film to the inner layer of the paper cup, which can withstand high temperature and water.


If the best paper cup machine uses wax treatment for the paper cup, special instructions need to be made on the outer packaging, indicating that this paper cup is suitable for holding lower temperature liquids, and high temperature liquids are not suitable.

The quality of the paper cup machine can be distinguished from what aspects

Paper cup machine and paper bowl from raw materials (paper) to commodities (formed paper cups, paper bowls) need to go through three processes: printing, die cutting, forming, and only two processes from paper lunch box: die cutting, forming.

The automatic paper cup machine milk is fresh, elegant, hygienic, convenient and fashionable, giving people a refreshing feeling. It is used to pack liquid milk or fermented milk abroad, especially in Japan and Southeast Asian countries. It is a new form of packaging in China.

At present, except for large-scale manufacturers who complete all the processes independently, most investors initially entrust printing and die-cutting with two processes. One can reduce investment; second, the printing process is highly professional.

In some paper cup machines, due to the poor pulp quality, in order to make the cup look whiter, some paper cup machine manufacturers add a lot of fluorescent whitening agents. This fluorescent substance can mutate the cells and become a potential carcinogen once it enters the human body. factor. According to national regulations, the use of phosphors in food paper is not allowed. Therefore, the paper cup is not as white as possible.

Since paper cup machines are different from roof packs, glass bottled milk and bagged milk, they meet the needs of consumers who like the old and the new, realize differentiated sales, increase the price difference, and bring additional profits.

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