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What kind of paper cup machine to produce paper cups

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-14
Many friends asked me you are the manufacturer of paper cup machine, what the paper cup is a good paper cups? Today, this article is to explain how to judge a paper cups are good cup. 1, see: when choosing disposable paper cup, not only look at paper cups white color is not white, do not think that the color white is more health, some paper cups manufacturers in order to make the cup looks more white, joined a large number of fluorescent whitening agent. Once these harmful material enters the body, you will become a potential carcinogenic factors. Experts suggest that people, when picking paper cups the most under the lamp a portrait, if blue paper cups under fluorescent lights, prove that the fluorescent agent, consumers should be careful to use. 2, pinch: cup body soft collapse is not strong, careful is leaking. In addition, should choose glass thick stiff paper cup, cup body hardness is not tall cups pinched up very soft, with water or beverage, when they end up serious deformation, even end up, affect the use. The expert points out, general and high grade paper cups that can hold water 72 hours, no leakage and poor quality will ooze water half an hour. 3, smell: glass color, carefully ink poisoning. Quality control expert points out, paper cups are stacked together, if be affected with damp be affected with damp or contaminated, inevitably forming mold, so be affected with damp be affected with damp paper cup must not be used. In addition, the meeting on some paper cups printing colorful patterns and words, when the paper fold together, paper cups by the ink inevitably affect its outside outside the parcel layer of paper cups, and ink contains benzene and toluene, has harm to the health, the purchase of outer no less ink printing or printing paper cups. 4, use: distinguish between a cup of cold, heat cup, they & other; Each has its duty & throughout; 。 Experts pointed out that finally, we usually use disposable paper cups in general can be divided into cold drink cup and two hot drink cup, each with its new obligations, once & other; Dislocation & throughout; , it may affect the health of consumers.
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