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What is the relationship between milk shelf life and the quality of paper cups,

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-30
Milk shelf life, and the selection of what is the relationship between the quality of the paper cups milk membrane. In order to guarantee the quality of milk, milk is very important for the health and safety of membrane. Grab from suppliers, control the supplier strictly use food grade raw material and environmental printing ink, detection strictly enforce standards, to ensure the quality of the products. Use of oxygen barrier performance is good, The permeability is poor) The packaging material. Milk packaging film of thin film materials used mainly for polyethylene ( PE) Co-extrusion film. Medium speed paper cup machine packaging on the properties of oxygen barrier, is the direct reason for affecting the milk shelf life. Package when exposed to air, the air of oxygen molecules through paper packing of molecular gap to infiltrate inside direct contact with milk, when through the oxygen reaches a certain number of, the milk will spoil. With the development of the era, milk packaging from the original single polyethylene plastic film bag to multilayer composite film packaging. The multilayer composite material in the production process to join the polyvinyl alcohol or special coating, thus greatly improve the paper packaging for oxygen barrier performance, in the process of production of high speed paper cup machine the barrier property ( Here specifically to permeability) The production process, coating thickness, the influence of factors such as material composition. In addition, in the face of a great variety of milk on the market, consumers demand psychology and purchase motivation has become the focus of many dairy companies. Brand, price, nutrition, convenient for many consumers, considering the main factors of choose and buy, and how many companies have to dig to meet the needs of consumers as a hot product development orientation.
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