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What is the application of paper cup machine in the market?


The paper cups produced by the new top paper cup machine completely retain the advantages of paper products, such as moisture resistance, freshness, temperature sensitivity, visibility, sterilization, antisepsis, etc. The paper cups have a perfect performance. Compared with disposable plastic cups, the paper materials used in paper cups perform better in terms of processing performance, printing performance, and sanitation performance. In addition, due to the wide source of paper materials, it is easy to form mass production, and has certain mechanical properties, can be used for composite processing, and the variety is also diverse. These relatively non-reproducible characteristics of disposable plastic cups make paper cups very cheap, relatively light in weight, easy to transport and easy to recycle, and are welcomed by more and more manufacturers. Therefore, at the same time that paper cups are favored by consumers, they are also regarded by businesses as the golden thing of a new round of wealth business opportunities. Many manufacturers have abandoned the original plastic cup equipment and replaced paper cup machines that specialize in the production of paper cups.

The professional performance of the paper cup machine makes its cup production capability quite powerful, but it cannot satisfy this huge cup consumer market. According to statistics: In 2006, the consumption of paper cups in my country was around 10 billion pieces, and it is expected that the number of paper cups will increase by 50% annually in the next few years. Since paper cups are disposable consumables necessary for people's daily life, they are necessary for every family and must be used throughout the year, with a constant demand, and the market will never dry up. Relevant information shows that our country consumes more than 50 billion disposable cups every year, and as the national consumption level shows an increasing trend, it is not difficult to see that at present, the market share of paper cups is less than 20%. The development potential is evident.

The paper cup manufacturing machine creates a green new life. The paper cup machine is a multi-station automatic machine. It produces paper through continuous processes such as automatic paper feeding, sealing, oil filling, bottom flushing, heating, knurling, curling and other functions, as well as photoelectric detection, fault alarm, and counting. The ideal equipment for high-quality beverage cups, tea cups, ice cream cups or cone-shaped containers for other foods, as the person in charge of Huajian told the author: Our products have been unanimously praised by customers for their excellent quality. "Quality first, reputation first, customer first, integrity-based" business principles to develop the market, and high-quality products, preferential prices, excellent service and customer development together have been recognized by customers, with a large number of loyal cooperation The partners have made Huajian have a high reputation in the paper cup machine market and generated a warm response. What I want to say is that this should be the result of a well-directed company with extremely well-managed operations and management.

Nowadays, the concept of environmental protection paper cups is self-evident. But looking at this industry, we have not found that there are a few big brands that can dominate the market. While paper cups have such a huge business opportunity, the future of automatic paper cup machines is unknown. As we all know, the whole country now advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, and the paper cups we use every day are an important topic in environmental protection. Paper cups for disposable consumables are indispensable in our daily lives and must be used all year round, whether at home, company, hotel or other places, as long as there are people, there is a continuous flow Demand, the market will never dry up. In the past few years, people's health awareness has been continuously improved. Disposable plastic cups are rapidly fading out of the market. Environmentally friendly paper cups have become daily consumption due to their beauty, cleanliness, oil resistance, temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, low cost and other advantages. The first choice to use the cup is entering a large number of urban households in every town in China, and gradually expanding into rural areas.

The paper cup making machine is not a patent for a traditional large-scale paper cup production plant. It can not only meet the requirements of large-scale factories, but also provide tailor-made solutions for small-scale factories, and attract more and more small and medium-sized investors to establish in various places. Many flexible production bases for small paper cups. Due to the extraordinary characteristics of some high speed paper cup machines, such as a high degree of automation, a multi-purpose machine, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric detection, automatic fault alarm, automatic counting, man-machine dialogue, etc., each paper cup machine can Maximize efficiency and achieve high yield and diversity. Statistics show that the number of cups produced by an ordinary paper cup machine per minute is as high as 45-55, which is equivalent to one cup per second, which is called the "fighter" in the paper cup machine. High-speed paper cup machine can be up to: 100 pieces per minute!

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