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What is a paper bowl machine film technology

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-27
In today, paper bowl, paper cups and other paper products in the market application very gf, use rise very convenient, clean and convenient, just the best nowadays many barbecue, the tableware of dinner. So the demand both in domestic and abroad is very huge, this is paper bowl machine, paper cup machine and other paper products in the main reason for the development and improvement. Paper bowl machine drench membrane technology can be divided into single-side and double-side film laminating, it refers to through the base paper information placed in a paper bowl machine to drench membrane technology. Paper bowl machine single refers to the base paper by single film laminating, just put the base paper for film treatment during which side, and this side also is generally paper bowl layer, has light surface; The paper bowl machine, double-side film refers to the base paper by double-side film technology double-sided has a layer of lubrication film, general also called double-side film paper. In terms of the current, paper bowl machine both drench membrane technology is the most frequently used at present stage, and film role best film techniques, and according to single-side and double-side film laminating technology, China to use single film is more common.                                
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