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What are the types of paper cup machine?

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-21

Paper is divided into single PE film paper cups and double PE paper cup single PE film laminating paper cups: use single PE film paper production of paper cups called single PE paper cup ( Most domestic common market paper cup, advertising paper cups are single PE film paper cups) , the form is: paper cups of water side has a smooth PE film; Double PE film paper cups: with double PE film paper cups is called double PE paper cup, paper production form of: paper cups inside and outside have PE film paper cup size: we use an ounce For the unit to measure the size of paper cups. Common on the market, for example, 9 ounces, 6. 5 ounces, 7 ounces cups, etc. An ounce  : ounce is a unit of weight, here represent: an ounce of weight is equivalent to 28. The weight of the 34 ml water, can express like this: 1 oz () = 28. Ml = 28. 34 grams ( g) Paper cups: at home, we put 3 - - 18 ounces The size of the cup is called the paper, the conventional paper cups can be in our LBZ - LI or LBZ - L production on paper cup forming machine.                                

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