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What are the paper cup machine preparation before starting the work?

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-20
1. Succession staff succession to pick up the pieces of paper that day, before the bottom, carton, sealing glue, the material such as silicone oil, and to get the material and the amount of work remaining material check, report in time if you have any questions. 2. Open the power button control mesa, check to see if the machine power supply is normal, whether can set temperature to the expected value. 3. Filling to the activities of the machine parts with a little oil for lubrication, parts of products need to contact to wipe, lest cause pollution, and check the machine parts of the connection screw, wire is loose. 4. Check the smoothness of paper, have to take off the membrane, spots, both the front and confusion, the phenomenon such as to crinkle. 5. When it is necessary to give paper sprayed with the right amount of moisture, strictly control the time and humidity paper shampoo. 6. Check the air pressure valve, transferred to the required pressure value by the regulation. 7. On the bottom paper, pay attention to both the front and back of the card.
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