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What are the paper cup machine maintenance of common sense?

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-06-28
What are the paper cup machine maintenance of common sense? This also is many to buy the paper cup machine manufacturers need to understand the common sense, it is more beneficial to reduce the wastage of the paper cup machine. Here is to listen to me carefully, the focus is on the paper cup machine when not in use to maintain, can not let the machine efficiency is lower, this is mainly to the MAO qiu machine maintenance. The first is to the purity of the paper cup machine blade, cannot be stained with too many soft thread, especially careful not to touch water, because after touching water, paper cup machine blade easily stick online group and at the end of the line. Keep the purity of the blade and the sharpness is to ensure accurate cutting hair bulb conditions quickly. And check in time between the paper cup machine lubrication bearing zero firmware, prevent mechanical rotating rust, reduce the operation speed. In the hair bulb machine more degrees after operation, to make mechanical sufficient rest, reduce the temperature point, parts to prevent overheating.
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