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What are the characteristics of paper cup machine?

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-10
What are the paper cup machine? Understand from literal meaning, the paper cup machine is to produce paper cup machine. But today we're going to explain this from the perspective of a serious problem. Paper cup machine is made of chemical wood pulp paper ( White paper board) Done in the mechanical processing, bonded to a paper container, appearance is koubei, available for frozen food and drink items. Has the characteristics of safety and health, light and convenient, it is a ideal equipment in the public places, hotels, restaurants. Paper cup machine features: 1, the machine adopts transfer operation. 2, automatic feeding, sealing, filling and bottom. 3, automatic constant temperature heating, knurling, roll edge, convex, discharge, etc.

today we will introduce you to what are the characteristics of paper cup machine: 1. Advocate material, imported bearing wear resistance, torque, adapt to high speed for a long time. 2. Imports of motor frequency modulator and electric control components, computer program control frequency converter, stepless speed regulation. And specially designed photoelectric detection, fault alarm function. Electrical performance stability, long service life, especially for voltage instability of the situation in our country. 3. Transmission, drive shaft, clutch module, control system and so on key components, trouble-free, maintenance-free features. 4. Shell and contact part is made of high quality stainless steel mesa, clean sanitation, antibacterial seismic, pollution prevention, wear resistance, anti-aging.
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