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What are the advantages of the cups paper cup machine manufacturing?

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-19
What are some advantages compared to the benefits of plastic cup paper cups? Convenient: 1, light and easy to take place; 2, the cost is low, the price also is low; 3, used paper cups recyclable, recycle, save resources; Second, the disadvantages of paper cups: 1, substandard insufficient stiffness of the paper cup body, easy to make people burn after adding hot water. 2, substandard paper cup body with fluorescent material residual endanger human body health, fluorescent material is not easy to decompose, elimination, accumulate in the body will affect the normal cell growth, exposure to excess, toxic accumulation will form the potential risk of cancer. 3, substandard paper cup body ink easy decolour, then enters the body when drinking water.
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