New debao intelligent paper cup machine, make the work so simple!

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What about the scale of New Debao?
Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co.,ltd is a small- and mid-scale enterprise focusing on designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling Paper bucket machine . As time goes by, we have been endeavoring to expand the scale in employees and business range. Up to now, we have hired professional and highly-educated employees working in our several departments. They contribute a lot to the high-efficiency and creative work, including developing new products for the company and serving customers with full devotion. In addition, we have successfully expanded the business range and spread brand awareness to more countries.

New Debao has an unrivalled competitive edge in manufacturing cup packing machine price. We are widely accepted in the industry. The paper cup packing machine series is one of the main products of New Debao. This product provides incredible longevity and low-maintenance performance. Its built-in system supports remote upgrade. This well-designed product achieves a fantastic lighting effect that is not only perfect for the ambiance but also good for the people's mood. It sells like hot cakes among famous enterprises like Starbucks, Coca Cola, and KFC.

For the corporate purpose of paper cup machine, New Debao has been attracting more and more customers. Inquire!
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