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Types of die cutting machines


In general, die cutting machines are mainly divided into three types: round flattening, round flattening, and flat flattening according to the different forms of stamping. According to the form of template placement, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal. According to the degree of automation, manual (semi-automatic) and automatic. From a functional point of view, in addition to die cutting, there is also a bronzing function, called printing equipment such as hot stamping die cutting machine, flexo printing machine, gravure printing machine, etc. connected together for wire die cutting, so it has a wide range of applications.

1.PY-950 / 1100/1200/1300 High speed reel flat die cutting machine


PY-950 / 1200 automatic reel high-speed flat-bed die-cutting machine (speed-up type) improves the stability of the equipment and speeds up the work of the equipment through the redesign of the paper feeding structure and movement based on the ordinary model. This equipment is a professional equipment for all kinds of paper such as die cutting, creasing, embossed laminating paper, white cardboard, kraft paper, etc. It is suitable for all paper packaging products such as paper cups, cartons, medicine boxes, handbags and so on. This machine adopts microcomputer control, servo drive positioning, AC frequency conversion, automatic counting, pneumatic lock plate, photoelectric correction, pneumatic clutch brake, concentrated lubrication of thin oil, automatic hydraulic loading and unloading, overload protection and a unique worm gear transmission structure. Paper return, paper feed smooth, accurate positioning, tidy receipt. All key parts of the equipment and the control system are imported products and precision assembly, which ensures stable die cutting pressure, accurate positioning, stable operation, safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

2.JTCQ-D automatic high speed reel punching machine


JTCQ-D high-speed reel automatic punching machine is specially used for die cutting of reel paper cups, paper trays, etc. It can complete the die cutting and waste removal of different sizes of paper by changing the mold according to the needs. Die cutting machine.

3.ZP-D600 Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine

product description:

The ZP-D600 high-speed intelligent paper tray machine adopts a desktop layout to isolate the forming mold from the transmission part. Set the transmission parts in the rack cabinet under the table. Adopt mechanical transmission, hydraulic forming, and pneumatic blowing plate, forming is stable and easy to operate. The electrical appliance adopts PLC control, the whole process of photoelectric tracking and monitoring, full automatic safety and intelligent production, and can be directly matched with the production line.

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