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To distinguish the stand or fall of paper cup machine

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-10
Paper cup machine, paper bowl from raw materials, The paper) The goods ( Molding paper cup, paper bowl) Required to pass through three steps: printing, die cutting, shaping, and from the paper boxes just two procedures: die cutting, molding. Paper cup machine milk fresh, elegant, health, convenience, fashion, give a person the sense with refreshing. Packaging of liquid milk or fermented milk with it in a foreign country especially in Japan and many southeast Asian countries. And at home is a new form of packaging. Now in addition to the larger manufacturers, independent complete process, most of the investors in the beginning will two process printing and die cutting out. Way can reduce the investment; Both printing process strongly professional. Some paper cup machine due to poor quality of the pulp, in order to make the cup looks more white, some paper cups manufacturers joined a lot of fluorescent whitening agent, the fluorescent substance can make cells mutate, once in the body will be a potential carcinogenic factors. And according to the regulations of the state, food paper is not allowed to use phosphors. Therefore, said a white paper is not the better. Because the paper cup machine and roof package, glass bottles of milk and milk bags have different sales object, meet the needs of consumers to discard, implements differentiation marketing, improve the price difference, has brought the extra profits.
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