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The usefulness of disposable cups and printing technology

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-09
With the strengthening of national environmental protection consciousness, on the one hand, the whole society to advocate clean production and demand the entire lifecycle of products shall be achieve energy saving, consumption, reducing the, synergistic action; On the other hand, in order to comply with the need of green packaging, packaging product safety, health, good adaptability to environmental protection, can save resources. The production and use of paper cups just meet the national environmental policy, using paper cups instead of disposable plastic cups to reduce the 'white pollution', paper cups is convenient and cheap sex of health is the key to replace other vessels widely occupy the market. Paper points according to the use and drink a cup of cold drink cup, paper cups of the material in addition to meet the needs of the packaging and processing performance, its printing must also meet performance. In printing technology also should satisfy paper cups in the many factors on the processing of heat sealing conditions. Below is the material composition of paper cups, printing eligibility makes some discussions processing performance. 2 cups material composition of the making process of the cold drink cup is directly by the paper cup base paper printing, die cutting, shaping, double-sided filter membrane. The making process of the hot drink cup is made of paper cup base paper by the film into a paper cup, paper printing, die cutting, molding and processing. 1 paper cups paper of paper cups paper is composed of plant fiber, its production process is generally use coniferous wood, such as wood of broad-leaved plant fiber through after pulping of the pulp board by relief, pulping, chemical materials, screening, paper machine manufacture paper with pulp, etc. 2 cups paper of paper cups paper is composed of paper cup base paper and plastic resin particles composite extrusion, plastic resin generally use polyethylene resin ( PE) Paper cup base paper by single laminating PE film or double PE film after a single PE paper cups paper or double PE paper cup. PE itself, non-toxic, odourless, tasteless; Health reliable performance; Chemical performance is stable; Physical and mechanical properties of equilibrium, good cold resistance; Water resistance, moisture resistance and certain oxygen resistance, oil resistance; Excellent formability and the advantages of good heat sealing performance. PE production is big, easy to source, low price, but not suitable for high-temperature cooking, if the paper cups with special performance requirements, at the beginning of the film has a corresponding performance plastic resin. 1 paper cups paper surface requirements directly printed paper cups paper should have certain surface strength ( Wax rod value 14 a or higher) To prevent dropping off powder phenomenon occurring in printing; At the same time, must have good surface smooth, to meet the uniformity of print ink forme. 2 surface treatment before printing base paper or to be printed by membrane, the surface must be clean, dry, level off, no dust, no pollution, the nonpolar, dense and smooth the surface of the PE material, such as the surface tension is low, only 29 ~ 31 mn? m - 1, ahead of corona treatment, make its surface state changes, surface tension increased to 40 mn? m - 1, at least also want 38 mn? m - More than 1, in this way, the printing ink can achieve certain fastness. 2 cups the demands for paper cups printing ink printing ink printing fastness, print has good acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, light resistance, will not happen because of the effect of these factors fade, discolor, fall off phenomenon; The other prints to have a good scratch resistance and gloss, half matting and extinction. 4 cups printing technology ( In addition to general printing technology complement) Part 1 ink: ink components must meet the food hygiene law and the corresponding food packaging hygiene standards. 2 residual solvents: control the residual solvent quantity is less, in order to prevent the smell prints, printed on the back of the smearing, solvent adhesion to the sealing of the substrate or base film, can lead to poor heat sealing, forming sealing adhesive in bad or made from poor bonding warp cracking-off phenomenon. 3 drying temperature: ink drying temperature not too high, too hot time base membrane surface will produce peroxidation, resulting in poor heat sealing. But also to prevent bad printing ink dry, to avoid bad smell. 4 ink and ink solvent selection: choose the ink solvent as far as possible not make PE membrane swelling or water in the solvent, in order to prevent the print curling; Choose ink containing plasticizing free carrier as far as possible, in order to prevent ink film and PE film due to changes in temperature shrinkage rate is different, form of printed curled up. Curly print after die cutting into segment will produce warping, to paper making cup of transmission and warp molding difficult. 5: environmental temperature and humidity workshop humidity is too high can form print curly, after printing film temperature fluctuation happens between two layers of film adhesion, will also affect the processing sequence of paper cup after molding. Made strong water resistance: 1 cup water seepage and leakage phenomenon.
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