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The use of the raw materials of paper cup machine in the process of production

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-07

Paper cup machine in the production and use of paper cups just meet the national environmental policy, using paper cups instead of disposable plastic cups to reduce the 'white pollution', paper cups is convenient and cheap sex of health is the key to replace other vessels widely occupy the market. Paper points according to the use and drink a cup of cold drink cup, paper cups of the material in addition to meet the needs of the packaging and processing performance, its printing must also meet performance. In printing technology also should satisfy paper cups in the many factors on the processing of heat sealing conditions. Paper cup machine in the production of paper cups material is paper cup base paper direct printing, die cutting, forming, surface spray wax used for food. The making process of the hot drink cup is made of paper cup base paper by the film into a paper cup, paper printing, die cutting, molding and processing. Paper cup base paper is composed of plant fiber, its production process is generally use coniferous wood, such as wood of broad-leaved plant fiber through after pulping of the pulp board by relief, pulping, chemical materials, screening, paper machine manufacture paper with pulp, etc. Paper cups of paper cup machine is composed of paper cup base paper and plastic resin particles composite extrusion, plastic resin generally use polyethylene resin ( PE) Paper cup base paper by single laminating PE film or double PE film after a single PE paper cups paper or double PE paper cup. PE itself, non-toxic, odourless, tasteless; Health reliable performance; Chemical performance is stable; Physical and mechanical properties of equilibrium, good cold resistance; Water resistance, moisture resistance and certain oxygen resistance, oil resistance; Excellent formability and the advantages of good heat sealing performance. PE production is big, easy to source, low price, but not suitable for high-temperature cooking, if the paper cups with special performance requirements, at the beginning of the film has a corresponding performance plastic resin. For more information of paper cup machine please continue to pay attention to http://www.             

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