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The purpose of the paper cup machine, disposable paper cup and design before printing

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-17
The purpose of the paper cups in the beverage packaging: 1, the maximum function is used to hold paper cups of drinks, such as carbonated drinks, coffee, milk, cold drinks, etc. , that is the earliest, the most basic use it. Drink cup can be divided into two kinds of cold and hot cup. Cold cup for cold beverage such as carbonated drinks, iced coffee, etc; Hot cups for hot drinks, such as coffee, tea, etc. Distinguish between cold drink cup and hot paper cups, they 'do', once 'dislocation', will threaten the health of consumers. The surface of cold drink paper cup should pass spray wax or paraffin processing. Because of the cold drinks can make paper cups surface water, which can soften, paper cups coated wax can be waterproof. In between 0 ~ 5 ℃ when the wax is very stable and safe. But if used for hot drink beverage as long as the temperature over 62 ℃, wax melting paper cups will suction deformation, melted wax high content of impurities, in particular, it contains polycyclic hydrocarbon organic compounds, is a kind of possible carcinogenic substance, with drinks into the body harm people's health. Paste on the surface layer of the hot drink cup national recognition of special polyethylene film is not only good heat resistance and under the soak of hot drinks is non-toxic. Paper cups should be stored in ventilated, cool, dry and free from contamination of space, storage period from the production date generally not more than two years. 2, the purpose of the paper cups in the aspect of advertising, advertisers or vendor and paper cups used as a medium for advertising. Design patterns on the cup body, can give a person with different drinking mood, is also the 'symbol' of promoting a product. Because the product of trademark, name, producers, distributors, etc. , can be designed on the surface of the paper cups. When people drink drink, can know and understand the product from these information, paper provides a platform for people to understand the new products. Paper cups problems should be paid attention to in the design before printing: 1, try not to paper cups production design, and use the full version of the color of paper cups. Full version of paper cups ink stack of color, and paper cups produced directly to seal packages. Solvent ink, the acidity of organic compounds in the dry, alcohol, isopropyl alcohol of wetting liquid, volatile gas of glazing coating etc are harmful to human health. In a sealed space full version of the paper background covering the entire cup body, near the place at the top, we use paper cup to drink water when the lips touch will pick up to a certain position at the top, easy to the above all sorts of chemical material with a liquid into the body affect the body health. 。 Are general advice to our customers in design and production of paper cups should not be designed into a full version of the color, and color piece as small as possible. At close to the glass also shoulds not be same design graphics, especially the piece of the color. Otherwise you will have the same bad effect. Because after cup tablet computer, 5 mm at the bottom of the cup place for pressing firmly in place to ensure that the bottom of the cup. But after the machine is easy to make the function of high temperature and pressure near the bottom of the graphics and text, affect beautiful. So at the time of design graphics on the near bottom bar design should be based on the height of the cup bottom up around 5 mm.
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