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The principle and characteristic of medium speed paper cup machine

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-29

The principle of medium speed paper cup machine, medium-speed paper cup machine working principle: structural design is reasonable, the bottom of the great advantages of noise: the roller bottom part and edge part of the paper cups, two working procedure to complete. Environmental protection paper cup, paper bowl machine features: 1. Advocate material, imported bearing wear resistance, torque, adapt to high speed for a long time. 2. Imports of motor frequency modulator and electric control components, computer program control frequency converter, stepless speed regulation. And specially designed photoelectric detection, fault alarm function. Electrical performance stability, long service life, especially for voltage instability of the situation in our country. 3. Transmission, drive shaft, clutch module, control system and so on key components, trouble-free, maintenance-free features. 4. Shell and contact part is made of high quality stainless steel mesa, clean sanitation, antibacterial seismic, pollution prevention, wear resistance, anti-aging. The characteristics of the medium speed paper cup machine: MB - C12 medium speed paper cup machine is our latest research and development of a fully automatic paper cup forming machine, the machine absorb advanced technology, combined with years of production experience and continuous innovation to develop MB, can be used all kinds of quality of paper materials on the market, this is a medium speed machine in the history of a major breakthrough. The machine adopts imported schneider inverter drive, ultrasonic welding, hot air preheating, Switzerland, the automatic lubrication, using vacuum pump suction, and with automatic cup system, stable performance, high degree of automation.                                

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