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The paper cup machine weld ultrasonic testing and maintenance methods

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-08
As is known to all, with mechanical use of daily maintenance and detection is an essential link. So how to effectively repair and test paper cup machine, in this paper, the popular science for everyone today. Based on the spark, the phenomenon such as size to check the electrical failure. , for example, found a spark between conductor and normal fastening screw, the loose thread ends or poor contact. Electrical contact arcing say during the closing and breaking circuit circuit, circuit impassability don't flame. Program: the action of electric program should conform to the requirements of electrical specifications and drawings. Such as a circuit of electric action early, too late, or action, show that the circuit or electrical failure. In addition, can also according to the sound of the electric equipment, such as temperature, pressure, smell judgment and analysis of the failure. Using the intuitive method, not only the simple fault can be determined, is reduced to smaller can also use more complex fault.
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