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The paper cup machine toward the trend in the development of environmental protection

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-04
Nowadays, environmental protection has become a kind of fashion, environmental protection industry is developing, one closest to the people's life, the most easy to detect changes is the rise of paper, paper container industry. Disposable foam plastic tableware in the production, use, recycling and so on each link is a serious problem. Use of foaming agent in the process of production, some will destroy the atmospheric ozone layer, or there are serious security hidden danger; Improper use at high temperature, easy to produce substances harmful to human health; Disposed of after use, will cause serious environmental pollution; The grave to bury it is difficult to degrade, can cause soil and groundwater pollution, and recycling and processing is very difficult. Therefore, plastic, although also has the advantages of low cost, heat resistance, waterproof, but for reasons of environmental protection, the relevant state departments have issued a 'about to immediately stop production of disposable foam plastic tableware of emergency notice, and a series of documents, take measures to strictly prohibit the use of disposable foam plastic tableware. And only the most clean and pollution-free paper material suitable for disposable cups, & other; Paper for plastic & throughout; “ To paper and wood & throughout; Has become a trend. Paper cups in the future market will continuously expand, a lot of demand for paper cups to stimulate the demand for paper cup machine. Under the action of the market, our company research and development and production of various types of paper cup machine, paper bowl machine for customers to choose.
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