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The paper cup machine production operation process

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-06-23
The paper cup machine materials preparation, production operation process to go through. Open cup equipment total power, heating power and the host power, will cut a good cup of paper, neatly placed inside the jig, open air compressor, gas supply to the finished product to equipment packing warehousing and so on more than 10 links. Paper cup machine production operation process: 1. Material preparation. PE film paper inspection: drench the membrane paper purchasing conform to the requirements of the food packaging polyethylene molding product GB9687-1988; The colour and lustre is normal, smooth, no obvious wrinkles, everywhere smell, dirt. Design printing design according to customer requirements, and make good films will be sent to plate making printing room. After the completion of the printing printed piece. Send creasing cutting workshop. Marginal billet and separation. After separation of fan-shaped cups of the number of blank paper in accordance with the relevant provisions, shelved tidy, respectively. 2. Open system cup equipment total power, heating power and the host power supply, heating, 30 minutes to open the dehumidifier and host motor; 3. Paper will cut good bowl, neatly placed in the jig. According to the workshop temperature and humidity, after watering on pieces of paper. The installation and commissioning of the bottom paper: elastic medium, around in place. 4. Open the air compressor, to the equipment supply. Set at the bottom of the adhesive temperature 230 ℃ ~ 300 ℃, the speed of 40 - 50 / minutes; Painted on the ultrasonic wave time 2 ~ 3 seconds. 5. The host switch on trial run for a few seconds, waiting for the bottom paper is normal; And then put down the cup fixture wallpaper, chuck wallpaper conveying cup into the ultrasonic welding. 6. Sending, knurling, observe the bottom paper roll and finished product unloaded at the top of mechanical movement is smooth; 7. Check whether cup bottom adhesiveness, leakage, water seepage and other unhealthy phenomenon; 8. Collect, sort out after finished unloaded; 9. Inspection finished product with and without defects, whether qualified; 10. Qualified disinfection treatment; 11. Product packaging for storage.
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