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The paper cup machine production cost analysis

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-02

Paper cup machine before the production will be made for the cost of production, a simple and accurate budget, cost accounting is to put a certain period of time what happened in the process of enterprise production and operation costs, according to the nature and location of classified collection, summary, accounting, calculate the total production and business operation costs occurred during this period and respectively calculate the actual cost and unit cost of each product in the management of activities. Its basic task is to correct the actual total cost accounting products in a timely manner, and the unit cost, provide accurate cost data, which will provide a scientific basis for decision-making of enterprise management, and to review the cost plan execution, reflects the comprehensive enterprise of production and operation management level. Environmentally friendly disposable paper cup project feasibility analysis, the paper cups production cost calculation: 1, the specifications of the paper cups and gram weight of 160 g/m squared 820 x 525 mm: 210 g / 820 x 525 mm 2 m squared, calculation methods: length x width x g present number = cup barrels of weight: the weight of the bottom 068 grams ( In terms of 6800 yuan/ton per m/t) The cost of paper cup = ( Bucket cup + bottom) By the weight of the paper price 3, printing cost per colour and printing of a sheet of paper is 0. 015 yuan, in terms of color, the printing cost of a sheet of paper to 0. 015 yuan. The printing cost for each cup: 0. 015÷20=0. 00075 yuan/only 4, packaging, electricity and personnel salary I, two thousand 3 layer corrugated paper box, carton is 3 yuan a, average to paper cups cost each 0. 0015 yuan/only. Ii, inner bags, 40, each unit price. 085 yuan/only ( 0. 0017 yuan/only) Iii, electricity is 0. 0008 yuan/only. Employee wages 0. 0008 yuan/only. Heald above and the total cost of the cost of paper cups for: 160 g cup cost as follows: 0. Cost 0317 yuan/only 210 grams cup as follows: 0. Only 0384 yuan / 2, the production efficiency analysis according to the current market price and the product using range analysis is as follows: 1, market sale price ( The wholesale price level wholesale) 160 grams of paper cups production currently offer 0. 042 yuan/only 210 grams of paper production of paper cups on the market wholesale price is 0. 058 yuan/only advertising as a cup of 0. 09 - 0. 1 yuan / 2, margin calculation specification only 80 oz per cup of gross profit margins, 160 g) 0. 0105 25% 80( 210 g) 0. 0171 AD cup 0 30%. 04 ~ 0. 05 50% above all, the project profit is big, cycle is short, a cycle is commonly 3 ~ 7 days, quick effect, don't owe the bill, and for the national key environmental protection projects, more practical.                                

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