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The paper cup machine printed paper cups comparison of several ways

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-26
Nowadays there is so popular printed on paper cups the mainstream way of market three ways: a. Offset printing offset printing method is to use principle of oil and water repellent, paper cups oil-wet resistance to water, white water resistance to oil, where the graphic transfer printing with rubber cloth roller printing on printing objects and the advantage of the characteristic is bright full degree is high, graphic and clear. Especially in the gradient and tiny thread can have very good visual effect, the paper cups overall appearance of the printed out bright and fine, comparison of the visual user, disadvantage of course is not available in the consumption of paper cups, mainly for offset printing materials is not enough ink material environmental health. two By using water-based ink flexo printing, also called 'environmental protection printing, now on the market most of the paper cup manufacturing company is a major trend towards the direction of flexo printing. And flexo printing machine structure is simple, compared to the traditional offset printing machine complex fuselage slants big, expensive cost, fan of flexo printing is much more concise, you from making a cup of companies don't require too much money, the whole equipment than offset press to save about forty percent of the cost of equipment, for xiao gang started small printing plant is the ideal choice, the other color regulation more widely, but the patterns of the printed fine degrees compared to offset printing also slightly worse, the core of the flexo printing production technology mainly in the prepress production. 3. Screen printing screen printing using the texture of the compared with other two kinds of soft and flexible expansion, have better flexibility, used in a variety of printed materials such as paper, cloth, glass, ceramics and other materials, the texture is relatively extensive, can be flexible to have different shapes, sizes of substrates in printing, the disadvantage is that design of precision is not enough, not enough clear, to adopt the patterns of the gradient effect is not very good.
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