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The paper cup machine preparation and production before starting the work

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-24
1. Preparation work is completed, when will start the motor to Shouting 'turn' in the absence of any response, can start the motor. ( The move is to prevent the mechanic behind the opposite or machine repair, the operator can't see and cause unnecessary accidents) 。 2. Carefully observe the machine running status, take a cup of examination paper adhesive effect, preheating, heat, knurling in presence of yellowing, wound paper cups. 3. Check whether there is any indirect on adhesive bonding effect, adverse circumstance, the bottom of the cup and adhesive bonding degree of strong tear for it is advisable to have hair phenomenon, there are indirect hair is not suspected leak cup, by measuring water test shall prevail. 4. In normal operation, if found abnormal or feeling machine place to lift the cup and of the last one cup knurling check before you stop. 5. Midway hangs a long time to open the machine, to the market in the fourth. Five, check whether knurled part of adhesive. 6. Paper cup machine operators in the normal production of watch glass, cup and cup bottom molding condition, not regular bonding and size of cup appearance for inspection or only check one by one. 7. Employees concentrate during operation, found to have abnormal sound or the bottom of the cup shape is not good, want to stop the machine immediately to check, put an end to cause greater losses. 8. Operators in the production process to do serious and responsible, for their production cup with boiling water test every hour, every eight only. 9. Operators will be before the carton sealing, should the number of sampling small package, certificate of sampling and will products or product design cut and paste on the carton is on the left side of the top right corner, and fill in the working contents, production date, finally sealing neatly piled up to a specified location.
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