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The paper cup machine maintenance knowledge view

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-13
Respect of new debao mechanical function of the guest how do you do in order to be able to your paper cups to be run normally, remind you do paper cup machine the following maintenance: 1: new debao paper cup machine for the use of more than one year, haven't replace lubricating oil, please change in time 150, or 220, gear oil, in the process of change, to thoroughly clean strainer or replace, can replace the new lubricating oil. 2: for sediment inside the fuselage, to do a thorough cleaning, and replacement of gear lubrication oil, change after good new lubricating oil, be sure to do manual lubrication test, observe each lubrication point whether have oil flow out, and if there is a fracture as a lubricating oil pipe. Do change in time. 3: for cleaning paper cup machine control electric box, to do to turn off the main supply paper cup machine, remove the electric box into the wind filter, with powerful blower gun after cleaning, reoccupy vacuuming dust inside air cleaning electric box, cleaned up after the electric check outlet exhaust fan for voice or not turn like now, if please welcome change in time, do not put sundry in electrical box. 4: for paper cup machine urgent stop switch and the safety position limit switch, to do unusual safety tests. If there are any abnormal, please inform our company guide you out. 5: paper cup machine maintenance and mould good antirust processing.
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