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The paper cup machine industry jargon? What are those?

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-07
Many people for some short term paper cup machine to see can't find the mind, this site arrangement of the current industry professional term of paper cup machine for your reference. PE film paper: the production of paper cups paper for PE film paper PE: polyethylene; PE film: just above the paper laminating machine ( Fumo machine) Sprinkle a layer of PE ( Polyethylene) Membrane; Single PE film paper: only a paper of PE film are referred to as the single PE film paper, paper cups are single film in domestic paper cups, ( Can look up to the market, only the water side of PE film) ; Both sides of the double PE film paper: paper with PE film paper two-sided PE film paper; Paper weight: the weight of the unit: refers to one square metre paper? 吗? G/m2; PE weight: refers to one square metre paper laminating PE g; ( General 10 - 20 g/m2) PE film paper weight: base paper weight + PE weight, single film paper weight ( Base paper + PE gram weight) ; Double-side film paper weight ( Base paper weight + side PE weight + PE weight) on the other side Paper cups, paper cups are divided into: one PE film paper cups and double PE paper cup single PE film laminating paper cups: use single PE film paper production of paper cups called single PE paper cup ( Most domestic common market paper cup, advertising paper cups are single PE film paper cups) , the form is: paper cups of water side has a smooth PE film; Double PE film paper cups: with double PE film paper cups is called double PE paper cup, paper production form of: paper cups inside and outside have PE film paper cup size: we use an ounce ( 盎司) For the unit to measure the size of paper cups. Common on the market, for example, 9 ounces, 6. 5 ounces, 7 ounces cups, etc. An ounce ( 盎司) : ounce is a unit of weight, here represent: an ounce of weight is equivalent to 28. The weight of the 34 ml water, can express like this: 1 oz ( 盎司) = 28. Ml (34 毫升) = 28. 34 grams ( g) Paper cups: at home, we put 3 - - 18 ounces ( 盎司) The size of the cup is called the paper, the conventional paper cups can be manufactured in our company the content of the paper cup machine producing, hope the above can help you.
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