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The paper cup machine industry in urgent need for new product development

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-06-22
Can say that a product is in use after a period of time you need to develop and research new features and products, if paper cup machine rigidity is easy to be eliminated, so want to paper cup machine must have been popular for new product development. : 1, the paper cup machine technology is increasing day by day in our country some existing paper cup machine product technology content is not high, and have put a lot of advanced foreign technology applied in paper cup machine. 2, paper cup machine has become increasingly monopolized market: with the improvement of China's national comprehensive strength, predicted that in the near future, as the foreign companies to enter China's market, some paper cup machine not competitive domestic enterprises will be foreign acquisition, merger or bankruptcy of enterprises, some products will be dominated by several large enterprises. 3, paper cup machine parts production specialization: international packaging world attaches great importance to improve the paper cup machine and the general ability of the whole system. So the paper cup machine parts production specialization is the inevitable trend of development. Many parts by paper cups factory production no longer, but by some common standard parts factory production, some special parts by highly specialized production factory production. Really famous paper cups factory will likely be assembly plant. This is because many paper cup machine control unit or structure parts the same as the universal equipment, can borrow. 4, to multifunctional and single polarization at a high speed. The ultimate goal of the paper cup machine is to increase productivity and product diversification. This makes the paper cup machine specifications towards polarization direction, namely multi-function and single high-speed.
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