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The paper cup machine in the production of paper cups there are thermal paper cups, paper cups

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-06-27
Paper cup machine to people health, convenience, hospitality, office reception in house home so when, a lot of people are more willing to use disposable paper cup machine. Barbecue, you travel a party at the picnic, disposable paper cup machine is also essential. In fact, disposable paper cup machine also points and hot drinks a cup of cold drink cup, they differ in that the production process of a layer of wax 'and a' film '. If using the, could harm the health of consumers. Sold on the market at present, there are two main types of disposable cups, one is a disposable plastic cup, another is the disposable paper cup machine. Disposable plastic cup containing WeiDu elements of polyvinyl chloride, holding water have a bad smell, therefore, more and more consumers are willing to choose disposable paper cup machine, relevant data shows, however, disposable paper cup machine is not the 'universal', also points and hot drinks a cup of cold drink cup. It is understood that in order to prevent water when the water penetration, in the production of paper cup machine, manufacturers will be in cold drink cup of paper cup machine coated with a layer of wax, to use this cup thick, not easy to wet; Hot drink cup which is coated with a layer of film, heat preservation, and not for the hot water to wet paper cups machine. If we put hot water into cold drink cup, cup inside the wax will dissolve, one long drink containing wax into the water will be poisoned and so on to buy disposable paper cup machine, had better want to ask, is for the use of cold or hot. Buy back, also must be reasonable use, cannot mix, lest affect health.
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