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The new paper cups - Bring the tea cups

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-31
Good progress in science and technology in the new month, each new inventions were made of industrial products industry solid step on the road ahead, for our paper industry, every bit of progress is inseparable from the enterprise's own efforts, to abandon old ideas, enhance the concept of the new design more humanized, high-speeding, security products, make our customers more convenient and safe for daily use. Now we understand that our packaging industry in the annual product communications conference show new a disposable paper cup, this paper cups just rush into daily can credit plain boiled water, can soak out the faint scent delicious green tea. On observe this paper cups when we found, in fact, design the groove on the bottom of the manufacturers in this paper, load in it for some tea, and then set a layer above the filter to filter the tea leaves, the screen is to use the concept of environmental protection, can be used secondary recovery and will not cause danger to people's health, a comprehensive look at body body actually products of the manufacturing process, there is no special place, but for the design point of view, is also a kind of not little progress, to be able to design conforms to the people to use habits, and can maintain the environmental security of the product itself, make our paper industry have more rich and colorful, a variety of different USES paper cups for people to choose, is also a big progress.
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