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The future of paper industry analysis

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-19
Promotion of paper cups, as the rise in the late 1970 s. The strength of the paper at this stage the basic can reach the level of instead of tinplate cans and aluminum cans, paper food hygiene quality of packaging materials and have greatly improved, thus bring paper tableware very good development prospects. The rapid development of paper cup manufacturing mainly reflects in the cup itself on application of convenience and speed. Current paper cups have been widely applied in the conference reception, office self-help drinking water, food and beverage service, sports and entertainment activities such as some quick water service. Its convenience mainly embodies in its application of one-time, after use more easily than plastic cup compression processing, take up the space is more narrow, sensory and paper cups in more easily acceptable. The promptness of paper cups and convenience of its corresponding, paper cup is easy to take, easy to put, the characteristics of easy transportation, after use easy to handle, can reduce a lot of extra work. Another paper cup has the characteristics of ZiZhuXing in use, it also embodies the cups of the double characteristics of convenience and speed. Many people are mostly is not convenient to carry of the cup, paper cups can be solved in many places people 'stop at the water's hardness, eliminate people to drinking tools health concerns. So the paper market prospect is very considerable. Paper compared with the plastic cup more health, environmental protection, also conducive to recycling paper cups. In view of the existence of disposable cups in the market now are paper cups and plastic cups, so here will make the comparison with water glass and plastic cup. Some drinking cup on the market at present is the main raw material of PVC, PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), containing residual chlorine after polymerization product, there is a lot of toxicity. Due to the use of PVC materials lead salt stabilizer, in use process, heavy metals may precipitate, which directly cause the pollution of drinking water. The main material of most regular disposable plastic drinking cup is pp ( Polypropylene) ps ( Polystyrene) Or PE ( Polyethylene) Raw materials, and it's hard to recycling of pure plastic disposable cups, only after the guest use some shops do simple processing after repeated use, so this kind of glass in many cases, neither health nor the environment. Paper cups paper is the main raw material of the PE film or PLA paper laminating, some manufacturers have introduced biological degradation all G type drinking water cups, although some manufacturers in the production of paper cups degradation ability is being questioned, but it is more efficient, more environmentally friendly technology is being constantly innovation, market prospects are very positive. Recently the biodegradable packaging company, BIOPAC) For the red bull drinks made a paper biodegradable drink cup, for large outdoor activities as well as the large supply of sports drinks, have gained wide recognition of the public. Another paper cups relative to the plastic cup is more likely to be recycled, and its development also in constant innovation, make it more green environmental protection, broad market prospects and more. The rapid development of paper industry also benefits from its low production cost. By some professional analysis, single paper cup production costs are at zero. Within 038 yuan, and the paper production process is relatively simple, raw materials, transportation storage is more convenient and easy, relative requirements is low, the control of logistics is also very easy to grasp. Paper cups are not only costs are relatively cheap, and relatively low cost of recycling and recovery more easily, it has been widely recognized, this is also decided to it will have a better market prospects of an important factor. Acceptance paper cups in the domestic market has been more and more high. At present, the number of cities has reached 655, with the economic development of the urban population continues to increase, quick and convenient paper cups are being widely used and promotion. Because of its convenience, fast, health, relative environmental characteristics make its application number also is growing day by day, one can imagine the vast market potential. Paper cups and a favorable factors of production in China, is that China has low labor costs and the cost of materials, the paper cups are more international market competitiveness. Current requirement for the quality of paper cup machine has three levels: one for the international advanced level, such as A to actual test results abroad and overseas on the basis of the enterprise standard; B for the international average, such as the technique index is slightly lower than A, etc. , but higher than that of only can use the qualified level, C, etc. As A qualified level. For the domestic technology level has reached a predetermined quality requirement is not difficult, recycle our domestic cost advantage, if you want to enter the international market, the competitive advantage is obvious. Comprehensive look, paper cups with convenient, fast, health, environmental protection, low production cost, simple process, high recognition and popularity, and is also expanding, and the characteristics of the competitive international market, so its domestic and international market prospects are very optimistic.
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