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The difference between the order paper cups and supermarket paper cups

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-31
The advertising paper cups than the supermarket to buy paper cups in where? Customized advertising paper cups is far better than the supermarket to buy paper cups, because order small batch of advertising paper cups is bought in the supermarket price is higher, even more than in the cups in the wholesale market price is also high. But, please look at the following questions. 1, you go to the supermarket and the market to buy cups, generally only 180 grams of paper, customized advertising paper cups mostly use 268 grams of paper production, how many grams of paper here refers to do paper cups paper laminating the unit weight of one square metre. Currently the record-keeping, use 170 grams of paper cups must cost is much lower than 268 grams. 2, the problem of printing: generally sold on the market of paper cups are basically a color or two color, and printing is large to print each time order has hundreds of thousands of, basically because it is monochrome fewer big so printing price is sure can be ignored. But custom-made cups are different, basically to highlight their own corporate image so use of color are basically 4 color; Must be on 4 color printing machine can print, printing is known to all the things have a boot fee, the price of printing if it is a small quantity of the cost of the row in the above price is higher. 3, personnel costs and logistics costs; Because small machines in production need to keep a single count, need about a times more workers than market paper cups. On the logistics for custom-made is typically a hurry so we must use our delivery or Courier to send; Such costs are much higher. 4 can print the company's advertising, advertising paper cups, for the company image of affectation, than go to the supermarket to buy paper cups, the gap is very big.
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