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The development of the paper cup machine industry


What are the disposable paper cup production equipment?

First, let’s take a look at disposable paper cups. Disposable paper cups can be divided into three types according to their use: cold drink cups, hot drink cups and ice cream cups; and according to the coating used in paper cups, they can also be divided into three types, wax-coated cups, polyethylene coated cups and Straight wall double-layer cup. The inner surface of the wax-coated cup is coated with a layer. What are the specific production equipment for producing disposable paper cups?

1. The automatic medium-speed paper cup machine is a multi-station high-speed automatic machine, with automatic paper feeding, heat sealing into a tube, cup mouth lubrication, punching and pressing the bottom of the cup, heating, rolling, and topping Continuous processes such as curling and blowing of finished products can be adapted to produce single or double-sided coated cold and hot paper cups, ice cream cups, etc.

2. The automatic paper cup forming machine is a small machine specially developed for cups under 12 ounces. It is a kind of multi-station automatic machine, which passes continuous processes such as automatic paper feeding, middle sealing into a tube, cup bottom lubrication, bottoming paper, heating, bottom knurling, top curling, hemming, unloading, and stacking finished products. , The production of paper beverage cups, ice cream cups or other food cone-shaped containers.

3. The high-speed paper cup machine is a high-performance automatic machine with double turntables and double dividers. It has automatic paper feeding, imported heater sealing, cup mouth lubrication, automatic cup bottom feeding, rolling, double-station roll mouth and automatic retracting Cups and other functions, producing cups with single-sided and double-sided coated cold drink cups, milk tea cups and other cup types.

The paper cup machine industry needs new product development

It is possible that after a product has been used for a period of time, new functions and products need to be developed and researched. If the paper cup machine remains unchanged, it is easy to be eliminated. Therefore, if it is to remain popular, the paper cup machine must develop new products.

1. The technical content of the automatic paper cup machine is increasing day by day: some of the existing paper cup machine products in my country are not high in technical content, and many advanced technologies have been applied to the paper cup machine abroad.


2. The paper cup machine market is increasingly monopolized: It is predicted that as foreign companies enter the Chinese market, some domestic uncompetitive paper cup machine companies will be acquired, merged or bankrupted by foreign companies, and some products will be monopolized by several large companies.

3. Specialized production of paper cup machine parts: The international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the general capabilities of the paper cup machine and the entire system. Therefore, the professional production of paper cup machine parts is an inevitable trend of development.

Many parts are no longer produced by paper cup machine factories, but by some general standard parts factories, and some special parts are produced by highly specialized manufacturers. The truly famous paper cup machine factory may be an assembly factory. This is because many control parts or structural parts of the paper cup machine are the same as general equipment and can be borrowed.


4. Towards multi-function and single high-speed polarization. The ultimate goal of the paper cup machine is to increase productivity and product diversification. This makes the product specifications of the paper cup machine develop in the direction of polarization, that is, multi-function and single high-speed.

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