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The composition of paper cup machine production materials have?

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-06
The composition of the paper cup machine material has a paper cup base paper direct printing, die cutting, forming, surface spray wax used for food. The making process of the hot drink cup is made of paper cup base paper by the film into a paper cup, paper printing, die cutting, molding and processing. Paper cup base paper is composed of plant fiber, its production process is generally use coniferous wood, such as wood of broad-leaved plant fiber through after pulping of the pulp board by relief, pulping, chemical materials, screening, paper machine manufacture paper with pulp, etc.

paper cups of marketing: the commonly used 135 - - - The bill for 210 GSM PE paper; Advertising paper cups: common 190 - - - The bill for 280 GSM PE paper; Exports of paper cups: common 190 - - - 280 GSM double PE paper; Market paper bowl: common 160 - - - 220 GSM paper; Kang teacher li riceses leave: market, united 100, li riceses leave inside the bowl with a single PE around 250 GSM paper, coat with around 250 GSM Manila board.
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