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The classification of paper cups

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-20
The classification of cups, waxed paper cup in 1932, the first waxed only two pieces of paper cups, its smooth surface can be printed on all sorts of beautiful design, improve the effect of sales promotion. Paper cups waxed, on the one hand, can avoid beverages, direct contact with the paper material and can protect the glue adhesive properties, enhance the durability of paper cups; On the other hand also increased the thickness of the wall, make the strength of the paper cup is greatly increased, thereby reducing manufacturing is essential for strong paper cups paper consumption, reduce production costs. As waxed paper cup becomes cold drinks all vessels, people also hopes to use a convenient vessel to be filled hot drinks. However, hot drinks will melt wax layer on the surface of the paper cups within, adhesive shut will be separated, so the general waxed paper cup does not apply to filled hot drinks. Straight wall double cup is to enlarge the application range of paper cups, in 1940, double wall paper cups are straight to the market. This paper not only easy to carry, and can be used to dress up hot drinks. Followed by the manufacturer and on the cup cover paper coating latex for material with the 'cardboard taste', the leakproof and strengthen paper cups. By latex coating processing single wax cup is widely used in self-service vending machine to be filled hot coffee. Film plastic coated paper cup some food companies are beginning to polyethylene coating on the board, in order to increase paper barrier property and sealing. Due to the melting point of polyethylene and much higher than the wax, using this material coated new beverage cups, can ideally to be filled hot drinks, solved the problems affecting the quality of products due to melt coating material. At the same time, polyethylene coating than the original wax coating smooth, improve the appearance of the paper cups. In addition, its processing technology also cheaper than using latex coating methods, quickly.
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