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The characteristics of the gear transmission paper cup machine is introduced

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-17
For the paper cup machine available in the market of many problems, such as easy failure after numerous process improvement technology update developed gear transmission paper cup machine, now will give you introduce a new type machine of new debao machinery. Mechanical gearing paper cup machine features: 1, the coherent action will not collide, ensure the machine high speed stability, long time operation; South Korea linear bearing were adopted for 2, on both sides of guide rail bent, machining center; 3, the computer PLC control, human-machine interface, touch screen operation; 4, the machine shell processing, finishing so that each component to achieve standardization, swaps. With stainless steel for shell makes general appearance; 5, the gear machine performance is more stable and reliable, and the service life of the growth of new debao machinery, specialized in manufacturing all kinds of paper cup machine, quality assurance.
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