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The application of high speed paper cup machine and advantage

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-06-13
The paper cup machine with high efficiency, and reach a top speed of 150 per minute; Mould automatic centering, achieve rapid change; Automatic lubrication system can guarantee high speed paper cup captain full time at high speed. High speed paper cup machine features: 1, the single machine production efficiency is high, up to 150 / min 2, only XieJia type paper feeding cup body, has the advantages of stable, save space 3, Swiss hot glue, enhancing the degree of speed and product quality. 4, the bottom paper feed servo drive, has a stable, high precision etc 5, automatic lubrication system can guarantee the equipment for a long time at high speed, low noise and movement location using CAM drive, the movement is more stable and efficient, PLC control, host speed stepless adjustable 8, mould centering, quick change mould, improve production efficiency and 9 and humanized cup system, makes the closed cup, packaging more easily 10, intelligent design, set up automatic fault alarm, automatic emergency stop and other safety devices.
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