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The advantage of paper packaging in where?

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-22

Often there will be a lot of consumers will ask, where the benefits of paper cup packaging. Then we might as well have a look at the paper cup packaging application scenario - Paper cups milk. Paper cups with fresh milk, elegance, health, convenience, fashion, give a person the sense with refreshing. Packaging of liquid milk or fermented milk with it in a foreign country especially in Japan and many southeast Asian countries. And at home is a new form of packaging. Compared with other packaging paper cups with convenient, novel and high cost-effective integrated features. ( 1) Paper packaging compared with roof package, use more convenient and economic. Paper packaging of its low prices roof package; ( 2) Compared with common glass bottles of milk, add a little packaging costs, but greatly reduces the high measured bottled milk, reduced after treatment costs, to improve the corporate image, meet the needs of different levels of consumer; ( 3) Compared with the plastic milk bags, paper cups also added some packaging costs, but the packing appearance elegant. Because the paper cups and roof package, sales of glass bottles of milk and milk bags have different objects, meet the needs of consumers to discard, realized the differentiation marketing, improve the price difference, has brought the extra profits.                                

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