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Technical promotion and selection method of paper cup machine


Paper cup industry drives:

The main raw material of the paper cup is paper, while the original material of paper is trees and bamboo. Many people can't help but have an objection to this. If the large-scale development paper cup manufacturing is bound to cause a lot of consumption of wood, and it is bound to cause waste of the relevant resources, and it will also undermine the ecological environment. This idea is understandable, which may be for some cases that have been destroyed by forest resources, leaving a lot of bad impressions, but today's deforestation has been got under the strict policy regulations of the country. Effective curb, the current wood raw materials we use are reasonable planned felled artificial regeneration, which is an economical forest that can be reasonably used. Therefore, the paper cup manufacturing will only drive the development of related industries, as long as reasonable control, there will be no need to destroy the phenomenon of ecological environment. The first development industry driven by the paper cup is paper industry because the main material of the paper cup is paper. Although the current trees are in the planning and utilization phase, it is also the topic of people's continuous research on the high utilization rate and substitute for the paper in papermaking. People pay attention to the ecological environment, while promoting people's recycling and utilization of paper items.

Another raw material for a paper cup is a domestic graphic paper, an imported PLA shower paper, an imported PE shiny paper. The PE diametric is a 1-layer PE (polyethylene) film on the top of the paper; the explanation of the PLA is: polylactic acid fiber (corn fiber); PLA; polylactic acid fiber is a Complete biodegradable synthetic fibers can be obtained from cereals. After the article is discarded, the microorganisms in the soil or seawater can be broken down into carbon dioxide and water. When burning, it will not distribute toxic gases and will not cause other pollution, which is a sustainable development of ecological fiber. A single lactic acid molecule has a hydroxyl group and a carboxyl group, a plurality of lactic acid molecules together, -COOH dehydration condensation, -COOH and other molecules -OH dehydration condensation, the polymers thereof are called Polylactic acid. The polylactic acid is also referred to as polycyclic ester belongs to the polyester family. The polylactic acid is a polymer raw material obtained by polymerizing the polymerization of lactic acid as the main raw material and can be regenerated. For high-environmental and high-health special requirements for paper cups, it is bound to further facilitate domestic PLA and PE technology to develop in higher directions. The quality of the food itself needs to pay attention, but the quality of the equipment and drinking supplies also need to pay equal attention.

The paper cup is not perfect, and its environmental issues are also facing higher requirements. But in most cases, we are not to get survive in escape problems, but in the pressure of solving the problem, this is the true dynamic factor of productivity development. It is because the paper cup itself is facilitated and the development of the paper cup industry has prompted us to have higher and better development requirements for the future.

So how do you pick a paper cup machine?

1. When you look at the disposable paper cup, don't look at the paper cup color, don't think that the color is more white, the more you have, and some paper cup manufacturers add a large fluorescent whitening agent to make the cup look whitening. Once these hazardous substances enters the human body, they will become potential carcinogenic factors. Experts suggest that when the public is selected, it is the most under the lamp. If the paper cup presents blue under the fluorescent lamp, it demonstrates that the fluorescent agent exceeds the standard, and consumers should be cautious.

2. Pinch the cup soft collapse, be careful, willing to leak the paper cup, the cup of the cup, the cup, the cup, the paper cup is very soft, pour it into the water or drink, will be seriously deformed when it is on the end, even It can't afford it, affecting it. Experts pointed out that the general quality paper cup can be loaded 72 hours without leakage, while the quality is half an hour. Paper cup machine manufacturer Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd., specializing in the production and sales of paper cup machines, quality and safe and reliable.

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