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Summary of paper cups die-cutting machine maintenance

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-01

Paper cups of die cutting machine is mainly used for paper packaging decoration industry trademarks, paper boxes, greeting CARDS, etc of die cutting, creasing and cold pressing convex assignments ( Paper cups die-cutting machine dedicated) , is an important equipment processing and shaping after the package. Maintenance in the first place, the operator must pay attention to the dust, clean. When in actual production, die-cutting carton will produce large amounts of paper waste paper edge, hair, a bit not note will enter the chain transmission parts, die cutting of moving platform and some rotary motion, and first class might shade photoelectric detection, cause of failure. So, be sure to put die-cutting machine fuselage cleaning first, and then to ensure trouble-free operation of machine. Secondly, die cutting machine oil change. Die-cutting machine Lord movement is the main motor drives the pole, pulley, causing the four deputy toggle to sport, its work in high speed per hour in 6000 pieces, without good lubrication and cooling is very troublesome.                                

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