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Strengths and Development of Paper cup machine


Paper cup machine performance characteristics

First of all, from the appearance, the structure of New Debao paper cup machine is more compact and intuitive than the paper cup machine currently on the market.

A. All the processing and forming parts of the New Debao paper cup machine have been moved to the work surface.

The paper cup machine currently on the market, except for the molding of the cup wallpaper, is exposed on the outside, and the rest is wrapped in the machine. The benefits of processing the molded part on the work surface:

a. Intuitive: It is convenient to find waste products in the process of processing paper cups and deal with them in time.

b. Convenience: In case, there is something wrong with the paper cup machine. Can be easily checked and repaired. Instead of the maintenance workers doing a lot of work for a long time, finding the reason, and it is difficult to repair.

c. Time saving: Since all the paper cups in the processing process can be directly seen during the operation process, it is possible to realize the production and inspection at the same time, saving the re-inspection before packing the paper cups.

B. The original work of New Debao paper cup machine has been reduced to 2 by our careful design. There are currently 3 working originals on the market. Benefits of streamlining to 2 working disks:

a. Power saving: due to the lack of movement of the original plate in the process of work, the work is reduced, and the power consumption is relatively reduced.

b. High reliability: According to the principle of probability, under the same environment, the chance of two actions matching is much lower than that of three actions. This is also called doing more and more wrong.

C. The bottom of the paper cup mold of the New Debao paper cup machine is facing upward, while the paper cup machine currently on the market has the cup mold facing downward.

a. High reliability: Since the bottom of our mold cup is facing upward, the paper cup is completely covered on the top of the mold, so the possibility of the paper cup falling during the machine operation is completely avoided.

b. Hygiene: Since our cups are produced with the bottom of the cup facing up, the possibility of dust falling into the paper cup during processing is completely avoided.

D. The work surface of New Debao and the transmission part below are completely separated. Most of the paper cup forming table and transmission part of the paper cup machine currently on the market are connected. Separate benefits:

a. Low chance of failure: the high speed paper cup machine currently on the market will inevitably have the phenomenon of cup falling during the process of processing paper cups. This phenomenon will cause the waste paper cup to fall on the transmission chain of the machine for a long time. It is likely to cause card jamming. In severe cases, the entire processing disc will be lifted, and it will take time and effort to clean up the waste paper. Transmission part: A, New Debao paper cup machine uses a single cam transmission structure on the transmission, and the cam is placed in the middle of the machine. At present, the transmission of the paper cup machine on the market is realized by using four large cams, which are placed on both sides of the machine. 

Benefits of a single cam

a. Uniformity and good stability: Because only a single cam is used, the possibility of inconsistent working steps between cams and cams is avoided.

b. Easy to repair: Because the New Debao paper cup machine uses a single cam and is placed in the middle position, instead of, like the paper cup machine currently on the market, the four large cams are placed on both sides, it is more intuitive and more convenient for maintenance workers to repair .

c. Good economy: Since the New Debao paper cup machine lacks three cams, it will be more economical to replace the cam when it is faulty after many years of use.

The production of environmentally friendly paper cups by china paper cup machine is the demand of the times. In this era of advocating environmental protection, any one-time consumption products will be eliminated, and the concept of environmental protection will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Therefore, whether it is the production of environmentally friendly paper bowls by paper bowl machines or the production of environmentally friendly paper cups by paper cup machines are the needs of the times.

Paper cup machine is a multi-station automatic machine. It produces paper through continuous processes such as automatic paper feeding, sealing, oil filling, bottom flushing, heating, knurling, curling and other functions, as well as photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting and other functions. The ideal equipment for high-quality beverage cups, tea cups, ice cream cups or cone-shaped containers for other foods, as the person in charge of New Debao told the author: Our products have been unanimously praised by customers for their excellent quality. "Customer first, integrity-based" business principles to develop the market, and high-quality products, preferential prices, excellent service and customer development together has been recognized by customers, has a large number of loyal partners, making Huajian in paper cup machine There is a high reputation in the market and a warm response.

Today, the environmental protection paper cup market prospects are self-evident. But looking at this industry, we have not found that there are several large brands that can dominate the market, while the paper cup has such a huge business opportunity. As we all know, energy conservation and environmental protection are now advocated throughout the country, and the paper cups we use every day are an important topic in environmental protection. Paper cups for disposable consumables are indispensable in our daily lives, and they must be used throughout the year, whether at home, company, hotel or other places, as long as there are people, there is a continuous flow Demand, the market will never dry up. In the past few years, people's health awareness has been continuously improved. Disposable plastic cups are rapidly fading out of the market. Environmentally friendly paper cups have become daily consumption due to their advantages of beautiful appearance, cleanliness, oil resistance, temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, low cost, etc. The choice to use the cup is entering a large number of urban households in every town in China, and gradually expanding into rural areas.

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