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Steps and purpose of paper cup machine


Steps and details of designing paper cup machine

When designing thenew debao paper cup machine, we must first understand the purpose of the paper cup machine. Paper cup machine is a machine for producing paper cups, and paper cups have different sizes and different types of styles. Before designing every paper cup machine, you must first understand what type of paper cup this paper cup machine makes.

The steps for designing a high speed paper cup machine are similar to most machines. At first, they have a certain composition and design scheme for the machine. The difference is that they need to combine the functions of the paper cup machine and make a breakthrough in detail design. Since the promulgation of my country's plastic restriction order, paper substitutes have become popular with the development of the market. Paper cups and paper bowls, as tableware, have shown a lot of advantages. The paper cup produced by the paper cup machine factory just fits into this change process, so it is very promising to choose the low price paper cup machine.

On this basis, the paper cup machine design should have characteristics. Although it can't make great innovations, it can reflect the characteristics of enterprise design in subtle places and gain advantages in peer competition.

The main purpose of paper cup machine

1. The function of the paper cup is to hold beverages, such as carbonated drinks, coffee, milk, cold drinks, etc. This is its earliest and most basic use.

Drink cups can be divided into cold cups and hot cups. Cold cups are used to hold cold drinks, such as carbonated drinks, iced coffee, etc. Hot cups are used to hold hot beverages such as coffee and black tea.

Distinguish between cold drink cups and hot drink paper cups, and they perform their duties differently. Once they are "misplaced", they threaten the health of consumers. The surface of the cold drink paper cup is waxed or dipped in wax. Because the cold drink will produce moisture on the surface of the paper cup, causing the paper cup to soften, it is waterproof after being coated with wax. This wax is very stable and safe at temperatures from 0 to 5°C. However, as long as the temperature of the beverage exceeds 62°C, if it is used to hold hot drinks, the wax melts and the paper cup absorbs water and deforms. The content of paraffin wax after melting is high, especially the organic compounds contained in the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contained therein are substances that may cause cancer. Entering the body with a drink can harm people's health. The surface of the hot drink paper cup will adhere to a layer of special polyethylene film recognized by the country. The film not only has good heat resistance, but also will not be poisoned when immersed in high-temperature beverages. Paper cups should be stored in a ventilated, cool, dry and non-polluting place, and the storage period should not exceed two years from the date of production.

2. Advertisers or manufacturers using paper cups in advertisements also use paper cups as advertising medium.

Designing patterns on the cup body can give people different drinking moods, and it is also a "symbol" to promote a certain product. Because the product's trademark, name, manufacturer, distributor, etc. can be designed on the surface of the paper cup. When people drink beverages, they can become familiar with the information and understand the product. Paper cups provide a platform for people to understand these new products.

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