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Some process of making paper cups

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-06
1. Because the cup after computer the cup bottom 5 hao meters to be a pressing, to ensure the robustness at the bottom of the cup. But after machine made of high temperature and pressure is very easy to get close to the bottom of the graphics and text, affect the overall appearance is beautiful. So close to the bottom of the cup when design graphics, bar design should be based on the high elevation of the bottom 5 mm or so. There is a kind of circumstance is unless you use a special ultrasonic paper cup forming machine can be avoided. At present our paper cups is to use the technology of 2. Maximum don't use excessive color paper cups, full version or the full version of color ink heap up it is overweight, produced in production of paper cups when directly sealed packaging. Especially ink solvents in the process of drying the acidity of organic compounds, alcohol, isopropyl alcohol of wetting liquid under the condition of, and glazing coating brightness of the gas will be harmful to human health. In absolute sealed space within the full version of the paper background will cover the whole cup body, near along the place at the top, we tend to use cup to drink water when your lips will be exposed to a certain position at the top, easy to the above all sorts of chemical material with a liquid into the body which can affect the health of the body. So we usually suggest customers as much as possible in the design and production of paper cups when don't use designed into a version of the color, so as to avoid detrimental to human health and environmental health 3 cups. Don't use cheap inferior is not in conformity with the relevant national standards of raw materials, because the production of products and our human contact, if is covet a price cheap and choose quality is bad, special materials of environmental protection and thickness under the condition of bad enough material to produce paper cups in the process of use, because is too thin and deformation, or because of the high temperature hot water, such as the security hidden danger of 4. To correct the classification of the function of two kinds of paper cups, generally are now divided into cold drink cup, and drink a cup of two kinds of performance,
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