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Recycling of paper cup machine manufacturing paper cups

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-08-19
Paper cups is already in our life is a kind of common items, paper cups to provide us with a lot of convenience, in the reception guests, office, reception and other scenarios have extensive application scenario. But because paper cups of common to our living environment also brought some influence or pollution of the environment, because paper is usually used after a time, there is no in continue to use them, including common family or threw out some a restaurant. Now advocating ecological environment, so in order to better living environment, actually, paper cups and many USES. Finished with the paper cups can be used to do the usefulness of the following: 1. Brush pot 2. To keep some 3. 4 make toys. Some five needle and thread. 6 pack toothbrush toothpaste. Make it seven ornament. Make a basket
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