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Raw materials of paper related introduction

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-11-05
Raw material supply, PE film paper related) Tableware paper is paper laminating: refers to the paper surface curtain coating on one side or two sides non-toxic PVC film layer of paper, a PVC coating on the weight of the 18 g/m2 + paper to calculate the weight of the film paper. Drench the membrane paper points two paper imports, domestic paper. Domestic paper compared with the imported paper, were similar in terms of quality, price is much lower, so the basic domestic paper (on the market at present In addition to the customer specified) 。 On the market of domestic single-sided and double-sided coated paper laminating main specifications in 150 g/m2, — 300 g/m2. My company paper cups equipment for paper 150 g/m2, — 250 g/m2 film paper. Paper bowl equipment is suitable for the 250 g/m2, — 330 g/m2, snack box equipment for paper 330 g/m2, — 400 g/m2, can produce paper cups per ton paper number 19. 8 ~ 33. 60000, paper bowl for up to 8. 5 ~ 120000, snack box number 5. 5 ~ 80000 ( Number associated with printing typesetting, die-cutting, paper for measuring the basis) and specifications Domestic paper price: 6000 ~ 6500 yuan/ton ( Different periods has certain floating) Drench the membrane paper manufacturers and dealers across the country have, you can purchase nearby. If you need, we can provide supplier information. At the same time, we pay close attention to paper market dynamics, quick to grasp the market, to serve for you on the latest paper information.
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