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Printing ink what kind of strict with paper cup machine

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-22
Ink printing paper cup machine is there any requirement? Paper cup machine of printing ink for printing fastness, print has good acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, light fastness, will not happen because of the effect of these factors fade, discolor, fall off phenomenon; The other prints to have a good scratch resistance and gloss, half matting and extinction. The paper cup machine ink printing need to pay attention to the following: ink components: ink components must meet the food hygiene law and the corresponding food packaging hygiene standards. Less residual solvents: control the amount of residual solvents, in order to prevent the smell prints, printed on the back of the smearing, solvent adhesion to the sealing of the substrate or base film, can lead to poor heat sealing, forming sealing adhesive in bad or due to poor bonding of warp cracking-off phenomenon. Drying temperature: ink drying temperature not too high, too hot time base membrane surface will produce peroxidation, resulting in poor heat sealing. But also to prevent bad printing ink dry, to avoid bad smell. Selection of ink and ink solvents: ink solvents as far as possible not make PE membrane swelling or water in the solvent, in order to prevent the print curling; Choose ink containing plasticizing free carrier as far as possible, in order to prevent ink film and PE film due to changes in temperature shrinkage rate is different, form of printed curled up. Curly print after die cutting into segment will produce warping, to paper mechanism cup of transmission and warp molding difficult. : environmental temperature and humidity workshop humidity is too high can form print curly, after printing film temperature fluctuation happens between two layers of film adhesion, also affect the sequence of paper cup machine after forming.
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