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Paper mechanism cup material selection requirements,

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-27
Mechanism of paper cup material selection requirements of paper cup machine is specially used in the production of disposable paper cups product cup machine, able to produce a single PE film paper cups, control the size of the paper specification as well as the weight of the paper cups. As we know, paper cup is used for holding the liquid container, and holding liquid usually eat class, therefore, from here we can learn about the paper cup machine in the production of paper cups must comply with the regulations of food safety. Then the paper cup machine is also need to consider when choosing system cup of raw material to the material can meet the requirement to eat. First of all, the paper mechanism cup material belongs to the consumption level, therefore, its best paper materials is to select base paper rather than the secondary processing of paper materials; Next, want to choose do not contain or content conform to the relevant industry standards of fluorescent material of paper materials, cutting cannot choose fluorescent substance content exceeds bid by low price of paper materials. The excessive amounts of substance has a great harm to human body. Finally, the paper cup machine in the production of paper cups costumed is liquid, as a result, paper material must have a certain water resistance and pressure resistance, so that it is difficult to fold the paper cup machine in cup molding bad and leakage, and so on. In general, paper cups in the process of production after paper cup machine PE film processing, the processing to add a layer of the inner lining paper cups, high temperature resistant, resistant to water. If is used for the paper cups paper cup machine is preserved processing, need special mark on the outer packing, shows that this paper is suitable for holding the lower temperature of the liquid, high temperature liquid is not applicable.
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