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Paper machine at the time of making the finished product cup body hardness is not enough

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-10-25
Finished product disposable paper cups with its advantages of convenient health faster, in nowadays on the using range of has penetrated into all aspects of people's life, daily in public places, organizations, and even family dinner dressed up liquid drinks tools, are widely used, for its advantages such as convenient and quick health to replace the glass, has become an important part of People's Daily life. , of course, as people living standard rise, to the quality of the paper cups environmental requirements also more and more high, now how about the quality of the finished product on the market of disposable paper cups, percent of pass is a high level? According to the latest consumer association of paper cups for the cities to the latest sales of paper cups on the market investigation, sample, according to the results of tests of 35 samples, including 12 quality problems, of which 90% is because the bowl itself hardness is not enough, therefore the relevant industry experts said the body of the quality problem of the lack of hardness is not yes, the main problem is production enterprises in order to save cost, used on raw materials used in the waste paper to produce, it is possible that the thickness of the paper itself is not enough, the humidity is too high, wait for a reason, just the hardness of the quality of the finished paper cups problem, buried a safety hazard for later use, if you use this kind of paper cups, when consumers in the use of liquid burns, or harmful ingredients into the array.
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