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Paper cups vendors would share the paper cup machine how to carry out maintenance and repairs

by:New Debao Machinery     2020-07-11

About the paper cup machine maintenance and repair, need not good professional locksmith technology, he needs a flexible mind, need to understand a little CAM mechanism, chain transmission mechanism, and some basic principles of dividing box, each place good lubrication and imprison is necessary condition for the normal operation of the machine. The heater temperature control for shaping after the impact of the cup ( Glue) Temperature too high or too low will cause the cracking-off or bottom leakage, for domestic paper cup machine, favorite faulty parts is the knurling rolling machine, this area is a key, pressure is too large, cannot be added for ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic frequency must be alignment, pressure also not big, and please try to keep balance of pressures. Paper bowl machine all of the requirements of the operator and install the operating instructions when using paper bowl machine should how better to use paper bowl machine, small make up to introduce for everybody below paper bowl machine to the user's requirements and installation operation: 1, carefully read the instructions on the use of the paper bowl machine, for the sake of personal safety and at the same time in order to reduce in the operation of mechanical damage. 2, the user must be an independent skill training to operators, the training content for the: equipment simple structure, basic performance, operation, and maintenance of knowledge, safety operation and so on. 3, trained operators may not be alone. 4, the operation staff must know the structure principle, performance, paper bowl machine USES. Must learn to use the repair and maintenance. 5, paper bowl machine in use after a period of time may not replace green hand any single operation.                                

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